Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jim Harrison!

Photos by Loni Workman

We recently returned from shooting a scene at the Old Saloon in Paradise Valley, Montana where legendary author and poet, Jim Harrison (Legends of the Fall, Dalva, Saving Daylight, etc.), met us for a cameo in the film. Harrison's general view on life, combined with his love for the land, the drink and the road, fall in line with many of our personal sentiments. In our limited encounters with Jim, he has been quite supportive of the project. During our last meeting with him over many drinks in Salt Lake City, Eric and I pitched him the idea. We also somehow convinced him it would be a good idea for him to appear in the film. Harrison appears near the very end of the film so you'll have to watch it in its entirety to hear his joke, laugh and profound wisdom.
On the set, we were also very pleased to be joined by the great author and activist Doug Peacock, as well as Dennis Sizemore, Executive Director of Round River Conservation.

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