Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lights! Camera! Ackroyd!

David Ackroyd, who plays the wise old character "Northway" in the film, recently dedicated his weekly two-hour internet radio show, "Lights, Camera, Ackroyd," to his latest experience on the set of "The Best Bar in America." You can listen to his hilarious and detailed behind-the-scenes account of independent guerrilla filmmaking at its finest.

Click on David's photo to listen to his podcast.

David Ackroyd brings you Lights! Camera! Ackroyd! every Tuesday at 10 a.m.
David has spent over 40 years in the sometimes wonderful and sometimes really strange world known as "show biz." He's done everything from major features to low-budget films including his latest, "The Best Bar in America."

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